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About Alex

Alex is passionate about healthy relationships! In his personal and professional life, he strives to speak and teach the language of experiencing connection and live and model a lifestyle of intimacy.

Personally, Alex is in constant awareness of improving and fully enjoying his relationships.

His desire to help couples recognize the many ways they (already and can) feel close to each other and develop a deeper intimacy also prompted this writing.

Professionally, Alex holds thousands of hours of experience counseling individuals and couples on a variety of life issues. He earned a master’s degree (with honors) in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and holds a bachelor's degree (graduating Summa Cum Laude) with a dual major in Psychology and Business Administration.

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Emotional Safety

Whether in a romantic relationship or not, you will learn a lot about yourself—why you do what you do, and how to identify and express your legitimate feelings and longings. Following the same guidelines, you and people close to you will feel confident bridging gaps in your different personalities and communication styles and approaching each other with informed sensitivity. 


Learn new ways of looking at the forgiveness and trust-building processes and eliminate feelings of guilt when you wisely retreat to your safe zone. Reading Emotional Safety, you will finally gain solid, personal insight that will help you experience freedom and enjoy an intimate connection with your newly crafted safe, inner circle!


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See What Others Are Saying

“Alex has given us a practical, compassionate guide to emotional safety and
true intimacy. What a gift!”

—Jenna Riemersma,  bestselling author of Altogether You
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