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Intimate Foundations

This self-paced online relationship course will help you understand yourself and your patterns, communicate clearly with your partner, and shape a loving connection that lasts! 



We all Need Help

We all need tools and tips to get through tense conversations. More than that, we want to feel connected even during disagreements.

  • You’re curious about how to connect more deeply

  • You never stop wondering, “Will my partner ever understand me?”

  • You question whether being stuck in the same, trivial/silly—and sometimes painful—arguments is just going to be “how it is.”

  • You’re thinking, “Can I really change how I feel and experience my relationship?”

  • In short, you have some hope that your relationship can improve.

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You will learn how to apply:

  • Effective insights to engage in clear and open communication

  • Tools and techniques to stay connected and sensitive during a conflict

  • Strategies to collaborate and shape a lifestyle of intimacy!


Through a logical, easy-to-follow progression with exercises to begin applying today, you will

  • Acknowledge and discuss differences in personality and communication styles and approaches

  • Develop awareness and build sensitivity toward your partner’s feelings and perspectives

  • Identify and share legitimate feelings and make respectful requests for change

  • Collaborate and strengthen your joint plan to avoid common sources of conflict and tension

  • Understand and begin to provide consistent emotional safety and mutual support

  • Learn and apply the secrets to connect daily and deeply!


To reach greater relationship satisfaction, in this course you will learn the pathways to:

  • Overcome differences in personality and communication approaches

  • Improve and monitor listening, tone, and body language

  • Share your needs clearly while avoiding misinterpretations 

  • Learn about and merge conflict management styles

  • Navigate differences with processing and pacing speeds

  • Avoid the common sources of conflict and tension

  • Understand vulnerability and self-protection when giving each other feedback

  • Handle difficult and delicate moments with increased sensitivity

  • Provide consistent emotional safety and mutual support

  • Prioritize each other and dedicate time to your relationship each day

  • Learn the secrets to connecting daily and deeply!


This course package includes video lessons, worksheets with discussion

questions, and practical exercises as well as BONUS tools and resources!

ALL this from a licensed professional counselor and certified,

experienced couples therapist! 

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